Our Mission

To use technology to provide simple solutions to complex health issues.

Our Vision

mHealth Digital strives to be a recognised leader using biomedical engineering to solve some of the world’s most complicated health challenges.

mHealth Digital aims to empower people – consumers, businesses and health care professionals - to make better decisions every day to increase longevity and quality of life.

Our Team

Lance Cohen, Chief Executive & Technology Officer

Lance is a biomedical engineer, entrepreneur and preventative healthcare advocate.

Lance graduated with honours from the University of New South Wales with a Masters Degree in Biomedical Engineering as well as undergraduate engineering degree in electrical and computer engineering. He majored in microelectronics, real time computing, clinical information systems, biomedical sensors and instrumentation.

He has a wealth of experience developing high tech medical device systems and products starting at Ventracor, where he developed life support LVAD technology for patients with end stage heart failure and then went onto work on sleep apnea and ventilation systems at ResMed - a world leader in sleep disordered breathing and respiratory medicine.

Currently based in San Francisco, California, Lance has significant experience in team leadership , project management and entrepreneurship. He is a particularly passionate about preventative healthcare and is a part time football referee, half-marathon runner and avid traveler.

Suzanne M. Miller, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Miller is an international emergency physician and social entrepreneur who has practiced medicine on every continent and currently works in Sydney, Australia. Her specialties include emergency medicine, international health, and medical technology development. She has significant entrepreneurial and business experience as founder and CEO of MDadmit, a medical admissions consulting service, and as former medical director of Eniware Sterile, a spin off company creating powerless, portable sterilization solutions for the developing world. Dr. Miller’s work with international health and medical disaster relief has taken her to Haiti, India, Guatemala, Palestinian refugee camps, Antarctica and numerous other remote health clinics throughout the world. She is also the author of numerous books and peer-reviewed articles, has worked on health policy at the Institute of Medicine, and served as an assistant professor at George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences and Virginia Commonwealth University.

Dr. Miller was raised near Washington, DC and studied history and science at Harvard College where she captained the Harvard basketball team. After attending Harvard Medical School, she trained at Stanford University in emergency medicine. Dr. Miller enjoys teaching, traveling internationally, keeping up her Spanish skills, and serving as a physician for Racing the Planet adventure races.